Why Choose our Multi-function Spray mop for your floor cleaning?

        Flexible swivel head designed for easy cleaning and access to all corners

         This spray mop is designed with a rotatable, flexible swivel head that rotates 360° and offers full cleaning of your surfaces.This swivel design offers easy maneuvering and access to hard-to-reach corners that may be difficult with a regular mop.
It also features a sturdy adjustable telescoping handle that can be extended or reduced to your desired height.Now you don’t need to bend over anymore or live with hidden dust or stains.

        Durable mop offers 2 in 1 wet and dry use

         These high-quality microfiber pads are effective for use in dry and wet cleaning.
You can use it as a dry mop to collect dust and remove dog hair, cat hair, and other types of pet hair from your floors.
Likewise, you can use it as a wet mop for cleaning hardwood, cement, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors.

        2 packs of reusable microfiber floor mop pads that you can attach and remove easily

          This spray mop comes with 2 reusable mop pads that are cost-effective, and you can easily put them on and off.
It has top-quality microfiber material that offers high water absorbency and traps dirt and dust from your floors.
The microfiber mops are washable, and you don’t need to wring them yourself. When you’re washing one, you can always make use of the spare.
         There’s also a scrubber for dirt removal that helps remove dirt easily from the mop pads.