Which Kind Spin Mop Bucket does European and American Consumers Like?

        According to this year our company’s sales data, we found that European and American customers like to import our Foot Pedal Spin Mop and Bucket Set, item Number DS-318, because it’s popular in their market.
        Is this mop bucket so magical? Is there anything special about it?
        Yes, our Foot Pedal Spin Mop and Bucket Set use full new PP material, it’s strong and durable use. And the Foot Pedal Spin Mop and Bucket Set feature a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing. You can simply wring out by placing the head in the spinner and pumping the foot pedal. Herewith splash guard to keep splash and spray inside bucket when wringing, avoid dirt water spraying out on your clothes when spinning.
        Our Foot Pedal Spin Mop and Bucket Set with a Swivel Head, the angle of the handle can be easily varied up to 180 degrees by moving the handle forwards or backward. If you ever need to take a break during cleaning, simply set the mop handle in a vertical position and the swivel head gold it in place without additional support, freeing your hands for something else.
        Here is a wide application of our Foot Pedal Spin Mop and Bucket Set Also. The soft and absorbent microfiber mop head is safe to use on all types of floors, glass and windows, furniture, cars and boats, and many others surfaces.
        Do you feel interested in it? Please feel free to contact our service team to get more information.