Sweeper Broom Function&Usage method

        Now i’ll recommend you our new broom, dustpan and trash bin 3 in 1 item. This item is a new generation of cleaning products. It is lightweight, easy to use, and with its 360 degree range of motion, you will be able to reach any corner of your home. Simply push the spinning broom over any pet hair, dust, paper, or debris and watch it disappear! Please note that the broom is not meant for use on carpet and is not effective when used backwards. It works best when used in a forward direction on non carpeted surfaces. It has the handle with adjustable length. Cleaning is very convenient. 
        360 degree rotating brush with high-speed rotation to touchdown rubbish dust swept into the dustbin.
Easy to open lid, washable design with small power roller.
        Suitable for almost all kinds of floor, such as Wooden floor,PVC title, Marble, Ceramic title, Cement Ground, etc
        Our product requires absolutely no power to effectively clean any area of your home. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, most effective, and most energy efficient cleaning tool out there. No electricity also means safe for children!
Usage method:
        When in use, the whirlwind sweeping handle is rotated and screwed up, and the connection card is locked with the cyclone body, Stick
the towle on the roller .Brush on th back side of the button can be ,remove stains, to wipe the towel on a little water or cleaning liquid,decontamination,
        cleaning addition to garbage can be completed at a time.After use can be pulled down,wipe with clean water,unscrew the screw removable brush down clean.
        Please do not push backwards to avoid pushing down the rubbish.
        If you can not move the card, please remove all the brushes and clean the brush shaft.

        CAN'T be used on carpet. While using, just only push this manual sweeper FORWARD to clear away the rubbish. DON'T push back or push back and forth, otherwise it will fail to pick up the dirt. Only push forward it will work.❗❗