Smart Flat mop for corners cleaning

        Which kind of tools do you usually use for household cleaning?Perhaps you will choose a sweeper ,because it is efficient for cleaning, I bought one as well for daily use. But there are some dead corner and dirty edges that must be cleaned manually, a smart flat mop is of great helpful to clean up these corners.
        You can look at this triangle flat mop,it comes with special triangle head that easy to reach corner with chenille refill. The triangle flat mop has flex pole,so no more stoop down when your clean the low place corner, like under the sofa, bed and desk.
        Another useful mop is flexible flat mop, it comes with flexible head that can bent up to fit corners and cover the entire floor for cleaning efficiently.Use microfiber or chenille mop pads, pick up dust and pet hair when dry, and remove dirty and spills when wet. There’s a telescopic pole that you can adjust the length you preferred in comfortable way.
       Of cause we have other types of flat mop that can meet you different cleaning purpose. Welcome to contact us if you’re looking for a flat mop or would like to know how to choose a flat mop.