Is there a way to do cleaning without dirty your hands?

      Are you bothered by the endless cleaning?
      Are you still suffering from pet hair headaches?
      Are you still getting your hands dirty when cleaning the hair off the mop?

      Yes, this 2 in 1 hands free microfiber flat spray mop
 can help you. No need to bend over, no more dirty your hands when you use microfiber flat spray mop . This microfiber flat spray mop can spray while you cleaning, with super mist fan shape. After cleaning, washing the microfiber flat spray mop refill, then squeegee by pull and push, the microfiber flat spray mop refill will be dry when squeezing. Microfiber flat spray mop can rotate 360 degree also, easy to reach corners like sofa, tea table, bed. With 130cm long pole, microfiber flat spray mop can clean bathroom tiles, walls, ceiling tops.

       So if you are headache of cleaning, try this microfiber flat spray mop.