What’s the advantage of 2 IN 1 window wiper?

2 IN 1 window wiper -- The whole kit includes 1 squeegee and 1 microfiber cloth as well as 4 sections stainless steel poles.The multi-purpose window squeegee has a bendable head and free replacement Microfiber Cloths, which makes cleaning windows quicker and cleaner. Ideal for outdoor and indoor glass surfaces, it can also be used as a windshield cleaning tool.ed multiple times. 
The flexible head makes it easy to clean high-rise windows without walking, making cleaning windows a simple and fun thing to do.4 extension rods, free to assemble, button-type splicing design, making it easier to extend the rod, easily link the ends, instead of rotating joints.Microfiber material that absorbs invisible dust on the glass, making your glass cleaner. Comes with two replaceable cloths.
Durable materials, clean windows, remove dirt from windows, leaving clean, waterless windows.
The super absorbent cloth wipes off excess water or soapy water and instantly absorbs water, bringing clean, dry windows to your family.The telescopic pole is perfectly suited not only for home, but also car cleaning and places with large windows.
You can use the head unit alone for shower room squeegee and small mirror cleaning purpose.