How to clean windows effectively?

Clean windows will provide you not only a nice view of outdoor space but also a good feeling. However, we have to take time on cleaning to make the windows looking sparkling like new one.With our 3 in 1 window wiper, you will have a clean window in short time.
How to clean windows effectively?First you need make the windows wet.Our 3 in 1 window wiper comes with a spray bottle with volume 234ml, you can use it wet windows. In addition, you can pull cleaner into the bottle.
Then you need a squeegee to remove dirty. Our 3 in 1 window wiper comes with a 25cm length squeeze, its length is large enough to cover the most windows in once, and can easily clean the narrow as well.     
When finish moving the dirty, the windows is still wet, you need a cloth to make it dry and clean.Our 3 in 1 window wiper comes with a microfiber pad,good to absorb water and pick up the dirty. Using the microfiber pad to dry off the window edges, will not allow the water go into the floor.
Our 3 in 1 window wiper will help you to make the windows clean efficiently. Try our 3 in 1 window wiper and enjoy cleaning windows!