Do you want to know what cleaning tools can help you clean your apartment?

        The apartment maybe is rented, but your life isn’t. So it’s so necessary to keep your apartment to be clean then you can enjoy a more happy and healthy life. Do you want to know what cleaning tools can help?
Here we recommend you of our new design Smart Quick Click 7 pcs Cleaning Kits, item number DS-1400. It has 6 pcs different heads and 1 pcs universal pole, and you can choose the replacement according your different purposes, saving your storage space.
        The Microfiber flat mop can be rotate up to 360 degrees. It’s great for dry and wet cleaning on all floor, ceilings, walls, and furniture. 4 holes design on the mop frame; you can attach the old towels to help you save some money.
        The duster is made of high-quality microfiber; it’s soft and can well collect small dirty.  Duster head is flexible, bendable and detachable, and you can bend it to any angle anywhere you need.
        The double used window wiper, makes cleaning windows and windshield quicker and cleaner. Microfiber side for wash use and the durable squeegee blade help swipes off excess water or soapy water and instantly absorbent cloth absorbs water. No water stains on the glass surface after wiping, bringing clean, dry windows to your family. It is worth noting that the window wiper’s neck is flexible and bendable, save your back when you clean the window.
Soft Bristle Broom is made with full new raw material that will durable, can grab dust and dirt effectively. These tapered sponge pad and sturdy tub brushes head 180 Degree pivots fit into corners, recesses and grout lines, clean range without dead angle; Great for cleaning bathroom, bathtubs, tiles, wall, and even floors.
The kit is certainly not heirloom quality but these products will last you a good long time. If you live in a smaller apartment where space is, at a premium, having this 7 pcs cleaning Kits would probably work best.