Some time ago, I finally moved into a new home, and with joy, even cleaning became happy. I bought a very popular mop online and went home, humming a song and mopping the floor. But after mopping the floor, I found that things are not simple, why is the floor more and dirtier. What's going on?
        After thinking about it, I finally found the source of the filth - the mop bucket.
        After rinsing the mop twice, the water has become pitch black. A mop washed with this dirty water will naturally get dirty.
        If you want to do a good job in hygiene, you can't ask for dirty water to mop the floor.
        To always mop the floor with clean water, we choose this one - the DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop, item number DS-316.
        Use centrifugal force to wash the mop, so that the dirty water and pure water can be separated. Every time the mop is washed, clean water is used, and the dirty mop is no longer needed to mop the floor. Washing and drying in one, washing and drying, then throwing dry, take it out and mop the floor directly, saving time and convenience.
        1. Clean and dirty water separate technology, always wash the mop with clean water;
        2. Washing and drying, 2 in 1, easy use and easy clean;
        3. Half a bucket of water can drag 80 square meters, and full bucket of water can drag a 150-square-meter house. There is no need to change the water frequently and add water, which saves time, effort and money;
        4. The mop head can be rotated 360°, easy reach to the corner and the bottom of the bed base cabinet can be easily cleaned.
        Compared with ordinary mops, the cleaning and separation technology of DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop allows you to mop the floor with clean water all the time.
        DOOSO's decontamination and separation technology utilizes the centrifugal force generated by the central turbine to create a strong flow of water that washes the surface of the mop to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In this way, the relatively clean water in the middle area of ​​the bucket will flow into the dirty water area in the bucket after cleaning the mop, so as to achieve the effect of decontamination and separation. There are also rotating gears and small brush in the bucket, which can scrape off the hair, debris, and dust which attached to the surface of the mop while cleaning, and clean the mop more thoroughly.
        To get a better look at how well it cleans and removes dirt, I purposely added some lint, oil, and chili powder to the ground. The results didn't disappoint me, the washed mop surface was clean, and the attached lint and chili powder were scraped off by the gears and small brush.
        And I opened the lid and saw that the water in the middle of the bucket was not as dirty as the outer ring, it was still clean.
        The DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop really achieved the real separation of decontamination, and achieved the goal of washing the mop with only clean water, making the mop cleaner than usual.
        Although the principle is a bit complicated, the DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop is very convenient to use. When mopping the ground, just press the lock, you can easily extend the mop head, align with the protrusion in the center of the bucket and press down, you can clean the mop. After washing, just put the lock plate up and fasten it, fix the mop, and you can continue cleaning!
        The mission of a mop is to mop the ground.
        DOOSO uses good quality fibers in the mop to firmly grasp every stain it encounters. Whether it is light dust, liquid spilled on the ground, or rice grains that cannot be buckled on the floor, it can be dragged away. The mop head can also be rotated 360°. Even the legs of the sofa can be cleaned, so that your home is clean and free of dead spots.
        If you encounter more stubborn stains, you can also add cleaning solution to the water to improve the efficiency of mopping the floor and cleaning the mop head.
        It solves the trouble of unclean mopping and the dilemma of frequent water changes.
        It is laborious and expensive to change buckets of water from bucket to bucket when mopping the floor. The DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop uses the water flushing method to clean the mop, which greatly improves the utilization rate of purified water and saves water. I poured 10 bottles of 240ml water and filled the middle water purification area to clean the 3 rooms and 1 living room of about 80 square meters: I mopped the floors of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. In order to better clean the house, I also tried to mop twice. After two times, the dirty water on the outside of the bucket was already dirty, and the inside wall of the bucket was also covered with dirty things. But after I opened the lid, there was still more than half of the water in it (5 bottles). According to 1200ML (5x240ml) water 80 square meters, 2L water, that is, filling the middle water purification area at one time, is enough to drag a house of 150 square meters.
        According to the previous method of mopping the land once a week and using 10L of water at a time, 52 weeks a year can save 416L of water. This is not a small amount.
With the DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop, it really saves money.
        The advantages of the DOOSO 360 Degree Spin Flat Mop are not only these, and in order to facilitate pouring water, it is also designed with two drainage methods. There is a drain at the bottom of the bucket, which can drain the sewage, leaving clean water to continue to use. If you want to dump all the water, you can choose to dump it directly. The bucket mouth is also designed with a water retaining ring to prevent dirty water from flying out when washing the mop and dirtying the floor that has just been mopped. Open design, easy to clean.
        One Spin Flat Mop can be half a bucket water 360 degree clean 3 rooms 1 hall, You deserve it. If you feel interested of this bucket, share this essay to more of your friends, help them save the money and easy to clean house also.