How to choose a right mop?

        There are a variety of models for mops on the market, like flat mop, sponge mop, twist mop,and etc. You may ask how to choose a right mop? It depends on your cleaning habits and floor type. 
        Flat mop is a good choice if you do cleaning everyday for you home. Flat mop can attach different cleaning pads for different cleaning purpose. All mop pads are reusable and easy to wash by machine, you can choose what you need!
        Flat mop is good idea for laminate and wooden floor. Flat mop can do better on collecting and absorbing dust when comes with a microfiber pads. And If choosing a flat mop with microfiber pads, its good water absorption,can easy limit the amount of water when mopping, can effectively protect the wooden floor from residual water.